Unlimited Ortho™


With UnlimitedOrtho™, you will be working on a single, real-time visualized model of the entire data set, replacing a whole variety of isolated, slow and size-limited visualization techniques.


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  • UnlimitedOrtho™ delivers instant, interactive access to your entire orthophoto project from any computer in the world — regardless of size — in less than a second.
  • With UnlimitedOrtho™ you will be able to manipulate and evaluate your local area, mine site, or other area of interest, no matter how large a geographic area the dataset spans. Loading times are no longer a problem.
  • UnlimitedOrtho® adds incredible performance improvements to streamline your workflow like never before. It allows users to visualize up to a volume of 140TB of orthophotos and digital surface models (DSM) in less than a second.

    Unlimited Ortho

    The combination of UnlimitedOrtho 1.1 and Euclideon’s Unlimited Detail (UD) technology opens new business opportunities for users:

    “Because of their dissatisfaction with currently available tools, our customers have been requesting a high performing and user friendly visualization tool. Now, users can easily work with projects of hundreds to thousands of images in size quickly and easily. New tools have been added and performance has been improved for visualization, saving you hours in expensive processing time” (Dr. Philipp Meixner, CEO of Holistic Imaging)



  • Visualize all your orthophotos, all at once—no size limit.
  • Store data centrally and stream it over the internet
  • Reduce loading times to less than a second regardless of data size.
  • Combine your data with vector data (seamlines, GCP, cadastral data) for Quality controls
  • Euclideon’s Unlimited Detail (UD) technology facilitates the global access to data through the internet.

    For the first time, a complete visualization allows users to obtain an overall quality assessment of their projects in the blink of an eye.

    This allows users to perform quality assessments even thousands of kilometers away from production units in order to increase the productivity.

    With Euclideon’s Unlimited Detail (UD) technology, the computer loading time and the visualization speed are unrelated to the size and resolution of the data displayed. The visualized detail increases seamlessly and fluently when zooming in, without rendering artifacts or simplifications. Imagine being able to fly through hundreds of square-kilometers of DSM and Ortho data at once, and evaluate a single square-meter of high scanning detail, all in the same dataset.